Challenged Faced!

Dear Readers,

Today is my 3rd visit of the week to Robert’s place, hoping to do some photography as I didn’t get the chance to do so previously. Previously, I just took photos of him on the streets playing his keyboard, i feel that i could take more pictures of him. However, it was really disappointing that the hostel he stayed in prohibited photography.

Day 1, he wasn’t in, I waited for 3 hours around the area as the hostel don’t allow me to stand there and wait. There are some dangerous people in the hostel that is looking at me, so for my safety, the counsellor advise me to wait somewhere else.

Day 2 : I went earlier. I went to the usual spot where he usually play his keyboard, but he wasn’t there. So I went to the hostel again and he is again not in. Learning from previous lesson, I start to roam around Brighton and went to places that he would usually go, but I still could not find him. I went back to the hostel and left a note for him.

Day 3 : I went to the usual place that we meet and saw him there. He is playing his keyboard, I went up and chat with him. It is really nice to meet this humble man again. But still, there is no gain for the day except for his golden words. Because he couldn’t do anything to let me into the hostel and do some photography inside. And, he will be on the street the whole day, he will not be going back as he feel that he have not played the keyboard for the last few days. I waited for 5hours but still in vain. Thus I went off.

I could not understand why is it so strict at the hostel, that no photography is allowed. Even visitors are restricted into the building. I tried to sneak in, but i failed. I tried to take some photographs secretly, but was stopped by this big tattooed guy. I am so sorry guys! I really wish that i could show you how does a homeless hostel looks like and the kind of the people living inside and how does Robert lived inside the hostel.

I did my best and took some pictures of the exterior of the hostel. I must say the building looks awesome from the outside but wasn’t sure if it’s as good inside. Due to the doing of sneaky acts, i try to be fast, but ended up, most of the images of the building are blur, here is one clearer picture of it.

Here is some photographs that i took today.





Hope that you enjoyed looking at the photos. Due to time constraints, I will see what i can do with what is available. Stay Tune for more! I will put the photos and a interview segment of Robert next week. So stay tune for that! Robert is really an interesting man that we all have something to learn from him.



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