Hi Guys!

I would like to introduce you to my subject, Robert. After a week of communicating with him, he finally allows me to photograph him and make him the subject of my project.

Robert is going to be 80years old in Jan 2014. He is old, poor and has health issues BUT he is a grateful man who is shows passion. He plays music on the street not for the sake of money, but to share his passion of music to others. Moreover, he hopes that people can learn something from listening to his music. Although he might not be as fortunate as us to have a home and family members, he is still appreciative of what he have. He told me “you have to appreciate people of what they do, because you take on their mind and utilise their ideas, you cant just live yourself”. Just like what he is saying, he is appreciative of the person who made the keyboard, music tunes and many more, therefore he could have the chance to showcase his music and have a shelter over his head.

Here are some of the pictures of Robert.


I will be asking for Robert’s permission in this week to see if I am able to visit his hostel as i think it would really be interesting. Stay tune for that! In the meantime, i will try to capture more photos of Robert on the street as he is not on the street everyday and he doesn’t have a mobile phone. So it is really hard to contact him.


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