Robert Frank

Hi Peeps!

Recently I have been watching this documentary from BBC known as The Genius of Photography.This documentary exploring the history of photography – from daguerreotype to digital, from portraits to photo-journalism, from art to advertising.  From this documentary, i was introduced to Robert Frank and I thought it would be interesting to share with you people.


Robert Frank is an important figure in American photography and film. Other than photography, he later expanded into film and video and experimented with manipulating photographs and photomontage.

Here are some of Robert Frank’s photo on his odyssey through 1950s America


Robert looked beneath the surface to reveal a different America, one that was rarely acknowledged and often denied. I really like it where he create a portrait of America that was raw and real—one that touched on issues of race and class. This leaves me with a unflinching impression of the country. At the time, some critics said that his photos depicted the wrong picture of America—one that many were not ready to see. BUT! I think that his photographs are great as it captured the sadness, tensions, ironies and possibilities of 1950s American culture and society with the depth and insight.

He is a great inspiration and his photos are influential. His photographs from The Americans are influential as it challenged the aesthetic of photography, the rules of photography, and emphasised on feelings. I aspire that my photographs will be like him and tell a story 🙂

Rong Hua


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