New Idea – In Transition

Hey Readers,

It have been a while since i last posted. For this 2 weeks, i have been travelling around UK from Bristol to Bath to London and back to Brighton to look for inspirations and ideas for my photography project! After thinking through the theme of ” IN TRANSITION” i decided to modify my idea slightly and will be focusing on one main subject : ROBERT 🙂

And i am happy to find my subject but I will only reveal ROBERT in my future post as i am still constructing the narrative. In the meantime, i will try to look for more inspiring photographs and  have inspirations that maybe able to help me construct my story and photos better. SO! please STAY TUNE!  Nevertheless, I did some test shoots. Here are some of my test shoots photos :

Test shoot 1 : Bailey, a innocent 4 years old boy in the library. He is very innocent and not yet being polluted by the society, I think that it is an important moment as I feel that when he grows up, this innocence will be lost and he might be corrupted by the society. I want to keep this moment of him being a carefree innocent boy.



Test Shoot 2 : The enormous wave at Brighton Beach. It was raining and cold that day, so the wave was big. I thought it would be nice to have a photo of it as I don’t often get to see big waves in Singapore. And i feel that the wave is a very good depiction of life.


Test Shoot 3 : This was taken at Bath, near the Roman Bath Museum. The man and woman looks like they both have a story to tell. They been sitting for there for more than 3 hours, so i thought it might be interesting to take a photo of them and analyse it.


Test Shoot 4 : When i see these scattered colour pencils on the floor, i have strong feelings about it. It shows me confusion, sadness and anger. Therefore i took the pic with bright light in the foreground in hope that anyone who sees this photo will be able to see the light in front of them and come out of his/her confusion, sadness or anger.


Hope that you guys liked my photos. Constructive comments would be greatly appreciated 🙂
Don’t forget to stay tune for my story and photos of my subject in my next post 🙂

Rong Hua


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